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Your Problem is our concern and the Sucess of your Business our Goal.

Our Experience stems from the multiple barriers that we have removed from our customers.

We remain active until your full Satisfaction.

Our Experience is crystallized on the variety of the problems of our Customers.

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Build A Strategy That Puts An Your Money To Work.

At First Consulting Service Ltd, we simplify your Financial Plan. Build a strategy that puts your money to work, protects the people you care about most, and when you.

  • Planing your Future Better
  • Financial planing for safe investment
  • Experience a brand new financial attitude
  • Your financial matters according our plans

With Respect To Each Customer

We Appreciate Clients

And Their Business

Our Services

We provide the best services

Advice for Business Start-ups and expansions incl Location analysis.

  • Recruitment Agency /Headhunter.
  • Provide Servicepersonel and Security
  • Car rental .
  • Renting of commercial real estate.
  • Renting of furniture
  • Object furnishing, purchase and sale and rental of furniture and furnishings.
  • Mediation of craft services of any kind, Construction supervision.
  • Office organisation and administration
  • Writing- Banks and Postal service.
  • Prepation of pay slips, payroll accounting and Financing.(No Tax compagny).
  • Trade fair planing and alignment(incl. setup)
  • Planning and implementation of customer events.
  • Planning and implementation of training courses for employees and consultants/Customers.

We offers first-class investment and pension solutions for institutional investors, private clients and their advisors.We have set ourselves the goal of helping our customers build a better future for themselves and future generations. As an owner-managed company, we think in generations and invest for the long term.

  • Advertising agency, presence through the creation, maintenance and update of websites.
  • Online appointment planners.
  • Image planning incl their implementation and post-processing /sucess control.
  • Customer surveys, Call center services.

Every company needs insurance protection for when things go wrong. But if you’re like us, you know there’s a bigger picture. We’re here to help you find the right coverage, manage claims, and develop a proactive safety culture to minimize risks.